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Breast Cancer Prognosis Profile I, Paraffin  (None listed)

Synonyms:  Call Pathology Department
Specimen:  Tumor
                        Volume:  One paraffin block
Minimum Volume: 
Collection:  Maintain specimen at room temperature. Histology to prepare requisition, billing information and specimen for transport.
Storage:  Room temperature
Rejection Criteria: 
Reference Range:  Interpretive report from reference lab.
Methodology:  Immunohistochemistry; flow cytometry and/or image analysis
Test Use:  Provide prognostic factor information to aid in determination of therapy and recurrence risk.
Additional Information:  No Additional Information Listed
Testing Includes:  Specimen sent to Clarient Labs. DNA ploidy analysis, estrogen/progesterone receptor assay (ER/PR).
Testing Facility:  Clarient Labs