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Blood Gas, Capillary  (ABG CAP)

Synonyms:  ABG Capillary
Specimen:  Capillary whole blood; rinse with lithium or sodium heparin.
                        Volume:  500 microL whole blood
Minimum Volume:  500 microL whole blood
Collection:  Sample must be adequately mixed, no bubbles, or clots. Maintain anaerobic condition. Transport to the laboratory immediately for testing.
Storage:  Transport to Lab Stat
Rejection Criteria:  Clotted; air bubbles; improper labeling.
Reference Range:  See chart for individual analytes
Methodology:  Avl Omni
Test Use: 
Additional Information:  There should be no air contamination in capillary tube.
Testing Includes:  pH, pCO2, pO2, BE/BD, HCO3, CO2, calculated O2 Sat. pH, pC02, & p02 are corrected for temperature. Co-ox parameters may be available if sample volume is sufficient.
Testing Facility:  AnMed Health Laboratory