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Plavix Testing  (plavix inhib)

Synonyms:  P2Y12 Inhibition
Specimen:  Blood, Two (2mL) GRENIER Blue top tubes (white inset in cap)containing 3.2% sodium citrate. Draws less than 2.0 mL and overfills will not be tested. Obtain the patient’s medication list at time of collection. This list should accompany specimen to testing department.
                        Volume:  (2) Grenier tubes filled
Minimum Volume: 
Collection:  Do NOT send through tube system. Tubes will not be distributed in-house. Call extension 1377 for tubes. MUST be tested within 4 hours of collection. DO NOT centrifuge, refrigerate or freeze. Maintain at room temperature.
Rejection Criteria:  Incorrect collection tubes; short draw or overfilled tubes; hemolysis or clots; improper labeling.
Reference Range: 
Methodology:  Accumetrics VerifyNow System.
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