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Acetone  (ACETONE QL)

Synonyms:  Ketone Bodies, Blood Acetone, Acetest®
Specimen:  Blood; (1) Red (no preservative) top vacutainer tube.
                        Volume:  Full primary tube
Minimum Volume:  500 microL serum/plasma
Collection:  If not tested immediately, transfer serum within 2 hours of collection for transport. Refrigerate at 2-8°C.
Rejection Criteria:  Hemolysis; improper labeling.
Reference Range:  None detected.
Methodology:  Nitroprusside reaction (Acetest®)
Test Use:  Diagnose ketonemia, ketoacidosis resulting from diabetes mellitus, alcoholism, stress starvation, and other disorders.
Additional Information:  No Additional Information Listed
Testing Includes: 
Testing Facility:  AnMed Laboratory