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RH Immune Globulin  (RHIG)

Synonyms:  Rh Immune Globulin, IM injection
Specimen:  N/A; Need patient's Rh Blood Type.
                        Volume:  N/A
Minimum Volume:  N/A
Collection:  Injection administered at 28 weeks gestation and within 72 hours following delivery if indicated.
Storage:  N/A
Rejection Criteria:  Not for Rh positive patients
Reference Range: 
Test Use:  To prevent alloimmunization of Rh Negative mothers who deliver Rh Positive infants.
Additional Information:  Refer to manufacturers package insert for specific details.
Testing Includes:  Issuing RHIG for injection to antenatal (28 weeks gestation) and post partum Rh Negative maternal patient delivering Rh positive infant
Testing Facility: