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acetaminophen  (ACETAMIN)

Synonyms:  Anacin-3, Tempra, Tylenol
Specimen:  Blood; (1) Red top vacutainer tube (no preservative).
                        Volume:  Full primary tube
Minimum Volume:  200 microL serum
Collection:  Transfer serum to a tightly capped plastic aliquot tube within 2 hours of collection for transport. Refrigerate at 2-8°C.
Rejection Criteria:  Incorrect specimen type; improper labeling.
Reference Range:  See Report
Test Use:  Monitor therapeutic or toxic blood levels.
Additional Information:  The half-life of serum acetaminophen is approximately 2 hours. Peak concentrations occur within 0.5-2.0 hours with slightly faster absorption with liquid preparations. With overdose absorption is complete within 4 hours.
Testing Includes: 
Testing Facility:  AnMed Laboratory