AnMed Laboratory Services


Pap Test, Thin Prep  (THINPREPSCR (Screening) ; THIN PREP DO (Diagnostic) )

Synonyms:  Thin Prep
Specimen:  Cervical endocervical and vaginal scrape, endocervical aspirate
                        Volume:  1 Thin Prep collection vial
Minimum Volume:  1 Thin Prep collection vial
Collection:  Use Thin Prep collection vial and collection devices provided by AnMed Health Laboratory Services. Submit patient's clinical history on pathology requisition. Maintain at room temperature.
Rejection Criteria:  Quantity not sufficient for testing; improper labeling.
Reference Range:  See interpretive report
Methodology:  Microscopic examination
Test Use:  Detection of abnormal and/or malignant cells, aid in diagnosis of genital infections
Additional Information:  Adequacy of specimen and presence of factors which could limit interpretation are noted in report.
Testing Includes:  Routine cytologic evaluation of smears.
Testing Facility:  AnMed Laboratory