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Ammonia  (AMMONIA)

Synonyms:  Ammonia, plasma
Specimen:  Blood; (1) Purple top (K2 EDTA) vacutainer tube.
                        Volume:  Full primary tube
Minimum Volume:  100 microL plasma
Collection:  Vacutainer tube should be completely filled, placed on ice, and centrifuged immediately after collection. If specimen cannot be analyzed within 30 minutes of collection, transfer plasma to a tightly capped plastic aliquot tube and freeze at -20°C for tra
Rejection Criteria:  Hemolysis; thawed specimen; improper labeling.
Reference Range:  0-14 days= 56-107 micromol/L 15 days-11 years= 21-50 micromol/L Greater than 11 years= 11-32 micromol/L (manufacture)
Methodology:  Adaptation of the glutamate dehydrogenase (GLDH) enzymatic method of van Anken and Schiphorst. The substitution of NADPH for NADH eliminates interferences from other NADH-consuming reactions.
Test Use:  Ammonia levels are elevated in many conditions. A few examples are: liver disease, UTI with distention and stasis, Reye's Syndrome, and inborn errors of metabolism.
Additional Information: 
Testing Includes:  Ammonia level
Testing Facility:  AnMed Laboratory