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Amikacin  (AMIKACIN)

Synonyms:  Amikacin, trough and peak
Specimen:  Blood; (1) Red (no preservative) top vacutainer tube. Do Not use an SST (serum separator) tube. Test includes trough (collect prior to dose) and peak (collect 30 minutes) post infusion. Label tubes with appropriate collection times.
                        Volume:  Full primary tube
Minimum Volume:  500 microL serum
Collection:  If not tested immediately, transfer serum to a tightly capped plastic aliquot tube. Refrigerate at 2-8°C up to 2 days.
Rejection Criteria:  Specimen received in an SST; improper labeling.
Reference Range:  Trough Therapeutic = .8-10 mcg/mL; Toxic- greater than 10Peak Therapeutic = 20-30 mcg/mL; Toxic- greater than 30
Methodology:  Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay (FPIA) technology
Test Use: 
Additional Information:  No Additional Information Listed
Testing Includes:  Trough and Peak levels. Random levels may also be collected.
Testing Facility:  AnMed Laboratory