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5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (HIAA) Urine  (5 HIAA)

Synonyms:  5-HIAA; Serotonin Metabolite
Specimen:  Urine; 24 hour urine collected in a 24 hour collection container. Instruct patient on proper 24 hour urine collection procedure. Patient should avoid bananas, avocados, plums, eggplant, tomatoes, plantain, pineapples, walnuts, and interfering drugs for a 72-hour period prior to and during the collection.
                        Volume:  30 mL aliquot
Minimum Volume:  1 mL aliquot
Collection:  If additional tests are ordered, 30 mL 6N HCI or 1g/L boric acid may be added without harm to 5-HIAA. Submit a 30 mL urine aliquot for testing with documentation of 24 hour volume on request. Refrigerate at 2-8°C.
Rejection Criteria:  pH less than 2; improper labeling.
Reference Range:  0-14.9 mg/24 hours
Methodology:  High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) with electrochemical (EC)
Test Use:  Diagnosis of carcinoid tumors and syndrome
Additional Information:  Patient should avoid bananas, avocados, plums, walnuts, eggplant, tomato, plantain, pineapple, and interfering drugs for 72 hours before and during collection
Testing Includes:  Specimen sent to LabCorp. LabCorp test # 004069.
Testing Facility:  LabCorp