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Helpful Information for Patients

Before coming to see us please be aware of a few things.

  • Routine Testing:
    You should bring your laboratory order from your physician and a current copy of your insurance card for verification.

  • Fasting:
    Sometimes testing is ordered by your physician to be done "fasting". In this case, you must be without food and drink for at least 8 hours or longer, as instructed by your physician.

  • Theraputic Drug Monitoring:
    When having blood drawn to measure medication levels, it is best to arrive 30 - 60 minutes prior to the time a dose is due to be taken. (Exception: Physician instructs a specific time of day to have the blood drawn.) For any drug taken twice a day at about 7 am and 7 pm, the level may be drawn between 4pm and the 7pm dose

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Specialized Testing:
Your physician's office will make an appointment for you. Testing time and number of specimens are different than regular tests. If this applies to you please see the chart below to help you better plan your day around your visit to one of our facilities.

Blood Transfusion:
Blood is drawn prior to transfusion and an I.D. bracelet is attatched to your wrist. This I.D. must not be removed prior to the transfusion. Length of time for this process is 30 - 45 minutes normally.
The lab requires about 2 hours to prepare the units of blood for transfusion. The length of time for transfusion will depend upon the number of units of blood. Average time of outpatient transfusion is about 2 hours for each unit of red blood cells and about 1 hour for platelets. For same day transfusions, the total length of stay could be up to 8 hours.